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Twitter Bootstrap for ExtJS 4

Make your ExtJS applications look amazing!

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extjs bootstrap theme

Welcome to the Twitter Bootstrap ExtJS 4 theme from Newbridge Green. Please get in touch at any time for support, questions or just to say hi!

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to provide a simple uncluttered theme for ExtJS 4 while retaining a lot of the core Bootstrap classes that help to make good looking markup in record time!

It also includes the awesome icon set from Glyphicons to use throughout your application.

How to integrate with your ExtJS 4 project

Integrating this theme with your project is easy just do the following.

Now your ExtJS application should be using the new Bootstrap theme.

Look at the example apps shipped with this project on how to integrate the theme.

Please raise any issues if you have problems with integration


This software has been released under Apache 2.0 License

Customising the theme

You can make use of the customise page to replace the core variables in the bootstrap.sass file and recompile it to include your changes.

See Themeing with SenchaCMD for instructions on how to recompile this theme.